Christian Education

We believe that people deserve to know about their faith and they deserve to know about the Bible. We believe that this is something for all of us! We believe it is the job of the church to make sure their people are growing in their understanding of the Scriptures and their understanding of the doctrines that we hold for orthodoxy. 

How are disciples formed? Teaching environments. We need scope and sequence. We need dedicated active learning environments whose highest stated purpose is learning and they should be worth the investment that we invite our people to make.

What are the building blocks for an active learning environment: Personal Study Time - Group Discussion Time - Teaching Time. In our courses we state up front our primary goal is learning.

At Millsboro Bible Church our goal for our Christian Education courses is to bring God glory. Here are the building blocks we use to facilitate that:

Structure: We design environments that honor the participants commitment. The Bible studies at Millsboro Bible Church are formulaic. Same format every time.

Predictability: We attempt to have our calendars and schedules follow the rythym of our peoples lives. We adhere to the same pattern every year. Eleven weeks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and eleven weeks from the the third week in January to the second week in April.

Accountability: Participants are held accountable to prepare, attend and contribute. Leaders maintain awareness of, and contact with those who attend, and they follow up to encourage faithful participation. C

Accessibility: Instruction and participation are expected at a level appropriate to the environment. Group leaders are going to consider which terminology, resources, and discussion elements are appropriate for the learning outcome. We communicate everything at an eighth grade reading level because in that environment anything that needs to be said should be able to be communicated in plain speech.

Community: Learning is our highest stated goal and then we are going to facilitate community as it is appropriate to the environment of the learning outcomes

Excellence: We do what we say we will do. We adhere to the expectations we have set and we utilize feeback loops to ensure learning outcomes are being met.

*excerpts taken from Jen Wilkin's talk: This Isn't your Mothers Sunday School Class*